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Do You Cling to the Past, Or Can You See Through The Pain?

it brings back the lost, as though never gone

Σαμερον αδίον ασω
n. biographies
An account of a person's life written, composed, or produced by another

So what I am writing here is an autobiography, not a "mini-biography":

"I don't have pet peeves; I have major, psychotic fucking hatreds"
-George Carlin

I hate just about everything. Yup, that how it is. You name it and I probably have a rant against it.
I guess I am just one angry person......

To give a new defination to the word, I am an artist.

From kickstartmyfart:

"Keep everything you love safe."
I tell her before she leaves on a train to go far away from me. I can’t help but
After the departing engine. Oh Kira, oh Kira.

Is this really what goodbye feels like? This is too
Sad to be really goodbye.

Mother Goddess, Jesus, anywho who’s listening, please
You have the power to give me back my Russian.

Right before I go to sleep my hand reaches
Under my pillow to touch a
Silky lock of
Such Russian hair.
I love her.
And I
Never doubt her love.

Leaving is so sad.
Oh Kira, stay a little longer.
Very soon we’ll meet again.
Every day I pray that I’ll see you tomorrow.
Right now, I’m praying you remember me.

Keep Away, Devra's Mine